Californian wine has managed to gain a firm foot hold in the world markets with some staple grape varieties, such as; Zinfandel and Chardonnay, where growing conditions are perfect for getting the best of the fruit flavours, from vine to wine. These wines are renowned for always being accessible and very easy drinking. Chardonnays are fruit packed and tropical, White Zinfandels are medium sweet and favoured as a light summer wine. The reds are never harsh, always well rounded and smooth.



As far as the UK market is concerned, it is dominated by brands such as; Barefoot, Gallo, and Echo Falls. Whilst these are strong brands, the on-trade much prefers a degree of exclusivity. The Pacific Heights and Willo-Wood brands are on-trade only products, which to a degree protects the on-trade operator from price comparison with the high street, with no compromise on the quality of these wines.

White Wine


WilloWood Pinot Grigio

From the sunshine state this Pinot Grigio is a ripe, dry white. Delicious citrus fruit flavours and subtle floral aromas.


Jack Rabbit Chardonnay

Lively, crisp and well balanced, with citrus and tropical fruit flavours.

Rose Wine


Greenwood Zinfandel Rose

This is a fruity blush with light strawberry fruit aromas and red berry fruit flavours.


Pacific Heights Californian Rosé

Light pastel pink in colour, medium sweet in the mouth. Everyday blended Californian Rosé.


Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel

Refreshing rose with fresh strawberry flavours and a delightfully sweet taste.

Hilmar Springs White Zinfandel

This is a fruity blush with light strawberry fruit aromas and red berry
fruit flavours.

Red Wine


WilloWood Merlot

From California this Merlot is a soft and fruity red with notes of plum, blackberry and subtle spice.


Jack Rabbit Merlot

Smooth, mellow and fruity red wine full of berry flavours.