South Africa’s reputation for producing only good Chenin and Pinotage is long since gone. They have adapted many old world grape varieties to the almost perfect growing conditions in the Western Cape. This coupled with a very good Rand rate makes South African wine a very attractive proposition when balancing price against quality. Many of their wines are estate bottled, rather than bulk shipped and their top end wine can be absolutely spectacular. All of these key factors are critical to driving South Africa’s wine volume forward, and they are increasingly threatening the bulk Australian shippers and the quality Sauvignons of New Zealand.



Our Cape 312 Chenin and Pinotage are superb value examples of what South Africa have been good at for many years. We are thrilled to be offering our Tall Horse range, this range of wines are probably the best example of quality versus price that we can offer. Each varietal is a perfect representation of how the grape should taste and the range is perfectly placed to be considered as a top quality house wine.


Our DeWaal Top Of The Hill Pinotage is widely acclaimed to be one of the best reds that South Africa has to offer, combining old world finesse, and new world abundant fruit.

White Wine


Tall Horse Chenin Blanc

Light bodied medium, off dry in style, lots of ripe fruit with a zingy finish.


Tall Horse Sauvignon Blanc

Very pale in colour, this is a brisk, crisp Sauvignon with hints of grass and herbs, subtle fruit and a crisp dry finish.


Tall Horse Chardonnay

Lots of tropical fruit and citrus notes, very fresh and un-complicated chardonnay, very refreshing.


Tall Horse Moscato

Bright yellow wine with a gold tint, tropical and fruity on the nose. Lusciously sweet, and fresh with a long lingering finish.


The Pavillion Chenin Blanc Viognier

Superb off dry Chenin (95%) With a hint of Viognier added for dryness and complexity. Pale lemon and light in style with superb tropical fruit flavours.


Boschendal Sommelier Chenin Blanc

Grapes are hand-picked form Bushvine Vinyards and cold fermented on secondary Lees. This makes the Chenin rich and full with Melon and baked apple flavours. Off dry in style and a good match with slightly spicy food.


Boschendal Sommelier Sauvignon Blanc

Harvested from shale soil vines, this wine is more French in style and would compare to a Sancerre. Only free run juices used, which makes this Sauvignon fresh and subtle with good fruit and a lively bracing finish.

Rose Wine


Tall Horse Pinotage Rosé

Medium pink wine with aromas and taste of crushed strawberries. Long juicy finish.

Red Wine


Tall Horse Shiraz

Wild berry aromas with lots of soft fruit and gentle spice on the palate, well balanced with nice soft tannins.


Tall Horse Merlot

One of our favourites, sleek, juicy with a cherry and plum flavour.


Tall Horse Pinotage

Deep crimson colour, this smooth and juicy red offers rich crushed red berry flavours with hints of vanilla, oak and spice.


Tall Horse Cabernet Sauvignon

Lots of blackcurrant flavours and aromas of crushed strawberries and raspberries, long juicy finish.



Boschendal Pinotage

A red grape that thrives on heat and dryness. Fermented in open top, stainless steel tanks ensuring fine tannin and colour. After fermentation, half the wine is aged in vats and half the wine is aged in wooden barrels.