During an unplanned visit to Cornwall in early September 2011 we discovered the scrumptious delights of real cider. For many years we have had the dream to build a micro cider mill in the village as East Markham, Newark was once a prominent fruit-producing village, with horse-drawn carts that used to transport produce to the fruit and vegetable markets in Sheffield and Nottingham. Now we have only two traditional commercial orchards left in the village with many small domestic orchards in the surrounding villages, retaining many traditional varieties which have been long forgotten. It has been a delight creating our family-run business to keep our village traditions alive and to put East Markham on the map for real ciders.

Bad Apple


Created from only the finest windfall bittersweet apples med/dry. Apples are ripe and plentiful. Wasps are big and angry. Eating whatever they please. The apples are right for cider.



This scrumptious premium medium cider is rich in fruity aromas and ripe apple flavours. A blend of bittersweet & dessert windfall apples carefully selected for their delicious mellow taste.



A connoisseur's cider, medium dry, created from a blend of both bittersweet and dessert apples selected for their traditional flavours and soft tannins with a crisp dry aftertaste.

Nice Pear


Apple and Pear blended together to make an awesome pair. Beautifully balanced with loads of body, crystal clear and fruity.

Summer Fruits


Scrumptiously gorgeous to the pallet, Sweet but lingeringly dry. A handful of raspberries and strawberries..

Apple & Rhubarb


Apples are red and ripe. Fall in the evening sun. Whilst Rhubarb sprouts even through old chimney pots, discarded behind the chicken run. Sweet but tart for all to enjoy.

Please place your order a week in advance