It all started in the noughties, just outside Glastonbury, when Andrew and Neil were devouring their barnstormingly good home-made cider and a hog roast with friends.

Who knew...apples from Somerset Orchards make the best tasting cider. Following this happy discovery Orchard Pig arrived out of a shared thirst for great cider, great food and Old Spots, the original Orchard Pig.



The initial tannin character suggests old trees and ripe apples. This gives way to tropical grapefruit and pineapple flavours followed by a clean, citrus tingle on the finish.

The Hog Father


Well heres the Pig's Daddy...at 7.4% not for the faint hearted - close your eyes and savour the Somerset cider apples in this one.



Savour the bittersweet richness of cider apples, followed by the lingering sweetness of ripe fruit, including notes of the dark Autumn berries from the hedgerow.

Chilli & Ginger


Orchard Pig's Ginger & Chilli infused cider strays outside from the Orchard Pig 'apple' herd...real west Country apples with a taste of the exotic.

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