March Cask Collection

Bishop Nick 1555 4.3% abv

This rich tawny beer is a tribute to defiance. With an unmistakably sweet nutty taste underlined by the ginger and fruit of Styrian goldings.


Dragan 4% abv

moreish and refreshing beer with a subtle malt and fruit character and a pronounced, bitter finish.



Bishop Nick Divine 5.1% abv

A festival of English flavours, nicely balanced with a mellow hoppiness. Pours dark amber with a deliciously dense creamy head


Blackpit Day Tripper 4% abv

A classic amber ale blended with a forward thinking American IPA. Simcoe hops are the star & a roasted caramel base is the support. Notes of grapefruit and pine rise through the malty bed leading to a dry and moreish bite.



Dancing Duck Ay Up 3.9% abv

An eminently drinkable pale session ale. Subtle malt and floral notes are matched splendidly with citrus hop, rounded off with a slightly dry finish.



Dancing Duck 22 4.3% abv

A wonderfully balanced best bitter with good malty flavour and dark fruit notes, these are offset by a strong hop with a very clean finish. A great thirst quenching beer for any time of the day.



Dancing Duck DCUK 4.3% abv

A great aroma and powerful upfront hoppy bitterness give way to an explosion of citrus and pine flavours. A full on hop attack!


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Firebird Citra 4.1% abv

Full grapefruit citrus aroma and light bitterness create this gluggable modern classic.


Firebird Heritage 4% abv

A Sussex Classic, developed from and old recipe of Bill's Great, Great grandad. Full malt flavour, robust bitterness, and a subtle dried fruits aftertaste. 



Firebird Parody 4.5% abv

The big malt base of this amber ale acts as a great foundation to a storm of modern and traditional hops yielding powerful bitterness, huge aroma and long satisfying finish. A true Session I.P.A.


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Hophurst Sonnet 4.2% abv

A hoppy blonde ale with a burst of tropical fruit from lots of Citra, Chinook and Falconers Flight hops.



Hophurst Flaxen 3.7% abv

A refreshing English Pale Ale. The use of East Kent Golding hops give a fresh, earthy hoppy aroma with hints of honey and a long refreshing finish.



Hophurst Quench 3.8% abv

Citrus Pale Ale with flavours of tropical fruit and citrus and dry hopped with Citra hops.



Hophurst Cosmati 4.2%abv

A multi award winning hoppy american pale ale hopped with Mosaic to give the unique flavours of blueberry, citrus and tropical fruit.  


Oakham Huell Melon 4.5% abv

A rich copper ale with a real depth of flavour, created using a careful blend of English ingredients. Full bodied and smooth with bold malt, nut and fruit notes, enhanced by pleasing resinous hop character.



Joules Pale Ale 4.1% abv

Clean, crisp and perfectly balanced describes this classic bitter, crafted using pure mineral water and home grown ingredients. A traditional pale ale rich in malt, fruit and biscuit character, complemented by a satisfying bitter finish.



Joules Pure Blonde 3.8% abv

Light, refreshing, subtle, a perfectly balanced blonde beer, brewed in the Northern European style. A blend of four malts, coupled with European and American hops, deliver an easy drinking, light malt character ale.



Oakham Harlequin 3.8% abv

Floral aromas and rich passionfruit, peach and pineapple flavours with an enticing smooth bitterness.


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Oakham The Experimentals 4.4% abv

Herbal aromas and notes of pineapple and melon plus refreshing lemon and lime citrus favours and grapefruit bitterness.



Oakham Green Devil IPA 6% abv

This contemporary IPA explodes with amazing hop harvest aromas, packs in big tropical and citrus hop flavours before a crisp, refreshing finish.



Otter New Wave 4% abv

New Wave is a refreshing crisp session beer with a spicy hop finish, using all German ingredients.


Quartz Crystal Ale 4.2% abv

A soft, full bodied amber bitter with light hop notes and a fruity malty finish.


Quartz Extra Blonde 4.4% abv

A light and hoppy blonde ale which is remarkably clean, crisp and refreshing.



reedley Hallows Beer oclock 3.8% abv

A golden refreshing citrus ale with a pleasant bitter aftertaste.



Reedley Hallows Old Laund Bitter 3.8% abv

A good session beer. Smooth and creamy with a distinctive hoppy aftertaste.



Reedley Hallows Monkholme 4.2% abv

A premium golden ale, smooth with a great hoppy taste throughout.


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Salcombe Gold 4.2% abv

A light harvest gold ale brewed with Citra, Amarillo and Chinook. The result is citrus driven aroma and flavour supported by hints of melon, apricot and peach.


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Salcombe Seahorse 4.4% abv

This sweet and smooth ale has a gentle spicy hop character with hints of burnt toffee, caramel and a malty finish.


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Harveys Kiss 4.8% abv

Light in colour, with prominent floral and ginger notes that mellow into a gentle sweet bitterness. The perfect Valentine celebration beer.



Three friends bad Uncle Barry 4.2% abv

A revitalising West Coast pale, fully loaded with hopbursting flavours..



Wadworth Henrys IPA 3.6% abv

Clean and refreshing light malt notes combined with the classic strong hop flavour, and finishes with a crisp bitterness.


Wadworth jug o Malt 4.2% abv

Mighty for a Mild. A rich blend with coffee, toffee and caramel tones.



Dhillon's The Ambler Gambler 4.5% abv

This beer has a light honey taste,and a piney, floral aroma. With the addition of Maris Otter and Munich malts, this beer is rounded off with the character it deserves.


Dhillon's Bright Eyes 3.8% abv

This beer is very light and well balanced, literally brewed for any palate. This GPA has a slight toffee taste with orange citrusy aromas which make it a great session ale.