The choice of your house wine is the biggest and most important choice that you will have to make for your premises as far as wine is concerned. Your choice of house wine says where you are trying to be and the standard you are trying to achieve. Customers will judge your house wine more than any other wine that you serve and with house wine accounting for more than 75% of your total wine sales it is crucial that you pitch your house wine exactly right.  


We have one main range of wine across the varietals which can easily be sold by the glass and by the bottle. Our South African Tall Horse range will give you wines that drink two classes above the price that you will pay.


If you don’t wish to restrict yourself to wines from a defined range, it is a worthy consideration to pick and choose from some of the superb world wines to give your customers an option of two or three Red and White wines by the glass. Malbec and New Zealand Sauvignon are gaining in popularity and whilst they are more expensive they are making regular appearances on the house wine and wine by the glass sections.