France claim to have the biggest wine production in the world, and undoubtedly play a huge part in the UK wine market. There is a huge selection of quality wines from a myriad of different wine producing areas all with subtle differences due to climate, geography and grape variety. They can rightly claim to produce some of the finest examples of each single grape variety that is growing there, from the Chardonnays of Chablis to the supreme but subtle blends of the top Bordeaux’s. French quality wine has remained very buoyant in the price market mainly due to the emergence of Russia and China pushing the price up on what can be limited vintage availability. The entry level wine is having a run for its money with quality and price from the new world Australian and Chilean’s. 



We have included in our list some top Chateau reds and whites, the most noteworthy being the Chateauneuf Mont Redon which is from the original Papal vineyards of the 12th century. There is a rare Chateauneuf Du Pape Blanc if you are looking for something rare or different.


The Tremblay Chablis is a real find, and typifies the dry flinty nature of the Chardonnay from the Chablis region. It is not too expensive and a worthwhile quality addition to your white wines.

White Wine


Chablis Domaine Gerard Tremblay

Family Domaine of some thirty five hectares producing some of the finest and most prestigious Chablis in the region.


Sancerre Domaine Millet

Attractive gooseberry fruit on the nose. The taste is quite weighty and soft with nice fruit / acidity balance





Griset Sauvignon Blanc Gris (Blush)

Highly unusual Sauvignon Blanc driven wine pours very pale blush in colour. Fresh and light bodied, off dry in style.


Alain Mecon Rose

French regional pink wine, medium in style with flavours of strawberrys and summer fruits

Red Wine


Chateau Cruzeau Saint-Emilion-Grand Cru

Supreme quality Grand Cru from this famous Chateau. This wine is a 75% Merlot blend which gives rich and subtle smoothness with soft tannins.


Chateau Crozes de Pys Prestige Malbec

From the Bordeaux Satellite region of Cahors, an area which is now producing rich, powerful wines that are developing cult status in the UK. This top Malbec is deep, concentrated and perfect with any red meat.


Chateau des Labourons Fleurie Henry Fessy

Fessy is a significant grower in Beaujolais specialising in the Cru areas, producing wines that show perfectly what the Gamay grape is best for. This Fleurie is a juicy fruit driven medium bodied red, perfect with most dishes due to its lighter style.


Chateauneuf du Pape Reserve Des Argentiers

Peppery spice on the nose, with warm Cherry fruit flavours and silky tannins on the palate.


Alain Mecon Merlot

French regional wine, medium bodied, smooth and velvety with just a hint of dryness.


Chateau Brande Bergere

Superb quality French boutique red from the Bordeaux Superiore just to the north of St Emilion. Deep and full bodied red, intense and smooth. Top rated award winning wine.

Cotes Du Rhone Mazets St Victor

Very aromatic full red with dark fruit flavours and spice and cinnamon notes. Dense and silky with mature tannins.