We are a group of people passionate about making (and consuming) traditional British drinks. For nearly 10 years we have been using traditional methods and ingredients along with some contemporary flair to create bespoke craft drinks.

Based in Devon we have made and sold Beer, Cider, Country Wine and Liqueurs all across the country - and have taken inspiration from all the interesting recipes and characters we encountered along the way. Most recently, we have been known for making proper Cider, for which we buy traditional cider apples from our farming friends in Herefordshire.

Copper Beech


Strong traditional English cider, with a beautiful rich colour of Autumn leaves.

Bush Pig


A simple medium scrumpy cider, cloudy and honest as in the old days.

Mad Jack


Dry English cider, the one with the bite! Clear with a beautiful rich colour.

Cock Bird


Sweet English cider, crafted in Devon, rich and fruity with apple flavour.

Devon Jasper


Medium traditional English cider, refreshing with a smooth well balanced flavour.

Monkey Mango


Sweet and tropical, with a refreshing Mango taste.

Chilli Ginger


Medium, with a ginger flavour and a ginger ninja, spicy kick.

Hedge Rose


Medium and fruity - with a hint of tanin from the Elderberry.

Strawberry Blonde


A traditional, delicate cider, flavoured with Strawberry.

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