Swindon's only craft cider producer. Circle's Cider has a taste of its own, quite different to the West Country style it is lighter with a more delicate taste. They want to lead the return to drinking cider the traditional way. Establishing it in it's proper place between beer and wine as the UK's best alcoholic offering pressed from locally grown fruit.

Cat's Tongue


Dry Cider, a hazy dry cider a true West Country traditional flavour with a bit of sparkle for the modern pallet. A light touch of old horse and a touch of astringency to finish.



Medium Cider, a bright cider with sharp apple aromas you would find with Calvados a light fresh and fruity flavour leaving a slight dryness on the tongue.

Butcher's Boy


Sweet cider,a full apple flavour, balancing sweetness and acidity, which go head to head to be the last flavour you can taste.

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