The UK market and indeed markets worldwide fell out of love with Austria over the 1970s Glycol scandal and more recently Britain’s tastes for the medium sweet German wines have been waning. Austria has worked hard to regain a foothold with some stunning dry whites and fruity reds, both of which are becoming very fashionable with the 18-25 year old market in the big city wine bars. This is great news for Austria. Germanys wine imports to the UK are continuing to fall as the British taste for drier and more fashionable wine grows. There is however still a place for medium German wines.



Remember the Blue Nun and Black Tower? They seemed the height of fashion only a few years ago, but Britain’s taste seems to of become more sophisticated with drier wines being the order of the day. Our Lenz Moser Austrian wines are from one of Austria’s largest producers and the Gruner Veltliner is making a hit with the 18-25 set in the London wine bars. It is worthy of a try on any wine list.

White Wine


St. Jacob Liebfraumilch

Light, fruity medium sweet German wine.


Reisling Schmitt Shone

Light, refreshing medium sweet white wine from the Rheinhessen area of Germany

Lenz Moser Gruner Veltliner

Austria is re-emerging with some stunning wines. Pronounced “Groaner Felt-Liner. Quality dry white wine grown in the Niederösterreich area. Soft yellow-green; Racy, spicy-peppery note combined with fruit and youthful fresh acidity. All in all it’s a fresh youthful wine.

Red Wine


Lenz Moser Blauer Zweigelt

Austria is re-emerging with some stunning wines. Pronounced “Blower Zvi-felt”. Fruity-spicy bouquet with fine cherry aromas. Soft tongue, full fruits with soft tannins. Ripe and harmonious wine with full taste of blackberry and dark currant.